Friday, December 4, 2009

Lights, and Santa, and Burr....Oh my!

At my job, we decorate a large park for the Christmas Holidays. Next week is the Grand Lighting and we are promoting it in the local papers. And of course that includes a photo op for our on-the-job Santa. "Santa" came to work today and had doctored up his beard and hair (and face) for the photo shoot. It was a little scary, I have to admit. We jokingly called him Santa Corpse. He really looked like the Ghost of Santas Past. Check him out and judge for yourself.

We have been working on the park for almost a month and a half.  Garland, lights, bows, trees, and all the associated headaches that go with it.  I personally spent 2- eight hour days restringing lights of the metal reindeer that people put out as decorations.  I made a star for the Nativity scene (three hundred lights on the star alone!), restrung two 7 ft tall angels, and put out about 2 miles of garland.  And that is just what I have done, the rest of the crew has done that and more.  Needless to say, I am sick of Christmas already.  And I hate that, I mean this has really stolen the joy and meaning of Christmas from me.  I long for it to be more than just lights and garland, but for now that is all I know.  Maybe after the lighting, I can refocus on Christ and His birth once again. 

I hope that people enjoy the work we have put in, because I really believe that this will be the best the park has ever been done (not just cause I helped).  We have done more than in previous years, and hopefully it shows. 

Anyway, the next time you're in a park or somewhere decked out with lights and such, remember some poor seminary student may have helped put it up!  Grace and Peace.

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