Monday, December 28, 2009


We have had a blessed Christmas time.  The kids got what they wanted (a Wii), we got some time off from work, and my parents came to visit Christmas day.  All in all, we had a great time.  Ate way too much, but had a great time anyway. 

With all that fun, I am ready to return to somewhat of a normal life.  School starts in a couple of weeks for everyone, work starts back tomorrow, and my parents leave for AL tomorrow.  Our boring average life is really a blessing in alot of ways.  And I for one am ready to get back to it. 

So here is to a great Christmas, glad to have seen you come, but even more glad to see you go.  Grace and Peace.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Finally. Over. Holiday here. Rest. Ah!

I made it.  Our Christmas work is over and now it is time to get some much needed rest.  Looking forward to seeing my parents Christmas Day! And can't wait to see the kids faces that morning.  It should be one to remember.

Anyway, here's to you and yours during this time of year.  May God bless you and yours abundantly.

Grace and Peace

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weary and Tired

I have to be honest with you all.  I need a huge break from the stresses of life.  I really wish I could just hide away for a while.  Not that anything bad is happening or has happened, but I am just weary.  Weary from work, school, etc....

Why do I get so weary?  I'm not sure really, I just go through these phases where I feel weak and don't really care about anything.  Deep inside I do care, but mentally and outwardly I just don't feel like exerting the effort it takes to care on a daily basis.  I know what your thinking, "Your going into the ministry, you shouldn't have those thoughts!"  I hate to break it to you, but this is reality.  Why do you think ministers fail on a regular basis?  Why are so many falling to immorality, to drugs, to alcohol and to other sinful activities?  Because they are weary too!  Thats no excuse I know, but we all get weary- regardless of occupation or calling, age, race, get the point.  These men of faith are no different than you and I except in one way: they feel they have no recourse in venting the feelings of weariness that are bringing them down.  Remember the next time your having "roast preacher" for Sunday lunch that he may be more weary than you are.  Cut him some slack.  He needs it.  And so do we all.

As for me, (I can't believe I am saying this) I am ready for Spring. 

Who said that? 

Yeah, it was me.  Mister I love winter and colder weather.  Honestly, it isn't the weather I'm sick of this time.  It is not having anything constructive to do at work.  That makes my weary feelings more intense.  I wish I could have the weather of now, but the work of July.  But, alas it is not to be.  For now, I will have to settle for being weary and just trudge through until things get better in my mind.  Maybe the holidays and the four day weekend coming up will help that weary feeling.  I hope so anyway.  Until then, Grace and Peace.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Trees?

I had a question posed to me the other day that I simply must ask you all.  Why do I allow the pagan symbols of the Christmas Tree and wreaths to be in my home? 

My question to you is this: do you feel pagan when you hang a wreath or do you feel convicted by the Holy Spirit when you decorate the tree in your house? I would love to hear what you have to say about the matter.  It is bothering me, not in a conviction sort of way, but am I participating in something evil and don't even know it?  Or is this just another attempt by Satan to side track me?

Let me know.

Finally Done!

I finally finished my first semester at Seminary!  I turned in my last take home final this afternoon and thereby ended Fall 09.  I don't know as of yet what my grades are going to be, but I'm leaning toward an A and a B with two pass classes thrown in for good measure.  8 hours down.  82 to go! 

Bring on 2010!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh my achin' brakes!

Well, it finally happened.  My brakes gave up the ghost this morning.  I was on my way to get some orange juice and a diet coke for breakfast at the nearby gas station.  I took my camera with me so I could get some snow pics of the park before it melted off.  As I was turning into the parking lot, I pressed the pedal to stop in the parking space and thats when it went all the way to the floor.  Thankfully, I was going slow and there is a sidewalk there to act as a bumper, or I would have taken out the Parks and Rec office.  Oh and to top it off the frozen snow/ice accumulation on my driver side window caused my window motor to break and now my window flops in the breeze.  Great- a two for one special! 

So, now the truck is in the shop (aprox. 700 worth of brake repairs) and I have a lovely redneck window on the driver's side.  Merry Christmas to me!