Thursday, December 3, 2009

And Then There Was White!

Well, I came home from work yesterday to have lunch. While I was eating, I decided to get my laptop out and check my email. So I grab the laptop set it on the table and fire it up. And then it happened....nothing. The computer came on, but only blank white screen. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO! Say it ain't so! So as any good computer guy will tell you, I rebooted to see if it was just a glitch or something. Press the button and again WHITE! Please tell me this is not happening?! I tried this process 4 times to no avail. Just plain old white and nothing else. WHITE. Well, I finish my lunch and run back to work, all the while seriously concerned over my laptop.

That evening, I got on my wife's computer and started a chat with an HP representative. For the next hour and a half, he proceeds to walk me through dismantling different parts of the laptop to isolate the problem. Turns out that the LCD screen died. Not really sure how that happened exactly but it is dead. So now I am waiting for a little box to arrive at the house to send my now deceased laptop to HP for repairs. And of course, they will have to wipe the harddrive clean because the computer is also acting strange (ontop of the screen being shot).

So after church, we scurry over to Wal-Mart to get a 8GB flash drive so I can transfer files from my laptop to the old computer. So I have to hook up the external monitor, startup in safe mode, and download my files to the flash drive. Then disconnect the monitor, reconnect to the cpu of the old computer, and transfer the files using the flash drive. WHEW! I'm tired just re-living it. Anyway, all the files I want to save are safe on this computer now (hopefully).

Hopefully by Christmas my laptop will be returned to me. And hopefully good as new. There are only two good things about the timing of the meltdown: (1)It is still under warranty (2)I finished all my papers before Thanksgiving and I only have 1 week of school left this semester. All in all it could have been WAY worse. Thanks God He at least let it happen now and not earlier or later.

Well, enough of the moaning and groaning. Grace and Peace

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  1. Glad you survived an after-church trip to Walmart! I am sure it was harrowing for your wife! Oh, and I'm glad there is a bright side to a white screen!