Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's not about me or my boss!

I am currently working in a secular job while attending Seminary part-time. I have to be honest with you, I totally dislike my job, and I even loathe it at times. I mean I am SOOOO blessed to have a job in this economy, but I struggle with it daily.

I have a co-worker who is great. He is a Messianic Jew and very devoted. Strong in his beliefs and we get along great. But the other guys can sometimes be difficult. They are not bad people, just not on the same page as me and my friend. My boss on the other hand is totally difficult. He just doesn't get our beliefs, and even worse he thinks everything is about him. I only wish I could get through to him that it isn't about him. As Rick Warren said in The Purpose Driven Life, it is all about HIM!

How true. It is all about Him. But the sad part of life here on earth is that most people never get that. We all at some point in life think the world revolves around us and our problems. But even then, it is still all about Him. I still get in that selfish state way too often. Thankfully, His grace is still able to cleanse me and redirect me in the path of righteousness. We could all be on that path and stay on it better if we only followed the Lord's commands. Love the Lord your God with all you have and love others as yourself (Mark 12:29-31).

Why is that so hard to do? The loving God part is easy. But the loving others as yourself part is a task unlike any other. God makes it so easy to love Him by the offering of His Son on the cross. People not so much. God give us so much to be thankful for, people rarely do. God gives, people take. God loves, people hate. God lifts up, people bring down. God is forgiving, people hold grudges.

I think you get the idea. But Jesus clearly stated in that passage what He wants us to do. Where is the disconnect then between doing the first half and ignoring the second half of that commandment? Willingness to do what is best, even if it doesn't benefit us at all. That is the problem as far as I see it. We have lost the desire to help others without hope of recompense or gain. Even in the Church.

Wake up people! He only asks a few simple things of us. Lets get back to our first love and warm-up to doing His will, lest He say to us "depart from me for I know you not". Wake up! To me and you and all who call on His name!

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