Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Miss It!

This week has been SUPER long! And today seemed as though it were twice as long as normal days. The stresses of work, the beauty of the current weather, fatigue, and general fall restlessness are making each day drag by slowly. And as I sit here, tired, sore, sleepy, I am reminded of a beach not too far from here. A beach that was and is so peaceful. Beautiful and clean. Serenity at it's finest! Oh how I wish I were there! watching my children play in the surf. Watching the sun rise and set into the deep dark blue of the ocean. Feeling the carefree brush of the ocean breeze. I miss it.

Now I'm more of a mountain-kind-of-guy, but this year we went to the beach. And it was a great time. And I miss it. I only wish that everyday life were like that weekend. No cares, no worries, no bosses, no deadlines, nothing but relaxation. It makes me eager for "home". I can only imagine what it will be like to sit my the River of Life forever. To be in the presence of my Sovereign Lord every moment. I can only imagine what painless joy and freedom will be like. I miss it.

Yeah, I know: your not there yet, so you can't miss it. Yes I can! Right now as I type, my two children are playing with a neighbor who thinks it is cool to play in the storm drain. Panic and fear are the emotions at this point. What if my kid falls in and gets hurt? What is he thinking about anyway, storm drains can't be fun? I won't have to worry about that in Heaven. Let me go even further, I have a splitting headache right now and I have had it for about four hours. Won't have those in Heaven either. Bills, money woes, health concerns, work issues, family pains, tragedies, loss: any of these and countless other horrible and painful events won't be in Heaven. Not even close! So do you see how I can miss something that I haven't see or experienced yet. Anticipation alone makes me miss it. I can't wait to see Jesus face to face. Embrace my Lord and fall at His feet and just worship! No order of worship, no hymns, no sermon, no angry church lady, no budget concerns, no deacons, no contemporary or old-school worship styles-just Jesus, me and true heartfelt thanksgiving to the One who died for me!

Believe me, I miss it. I am so ready to experience Him in His fullness. I am so ready to have Him say to me, "Well done, enter in forevermore." I am so ready for freedom and peace. I miss it I tell you. I just miss it. I hope you do to. Do you want to go with me? Do you want to miss it? Or will you miss it? Please friends, don't miss it. Miss it now, long for it. Seek Him, serve Him, miss Him. Don't wait until you truly do miss it and can't do anything about it.

Do you know Him? Have you made it your purpose in life to serve Jesus? That's the only way you will know what I mean when I say, "I miss it." Please don't miss out on the joy of Heaven!

I miss the beach. I miss home(Heaven). Do you?

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